How you can save money on travel

Do you want to save money on travel? Make the most out of your trip by these interesting cost-saving hacks. Many of us want to do a lot of things in less amount, and there is nothing wrong with that. Keep reading to know a few tricks and trips that can save you a lot of money.

If you want to have a beautiful vacation with a specified budget, this is the right space for you. Not only will you satisfy the wanderlust in you but receive a thank you from your wallet. Smile a bit more when you visit a place now.


Choose the correct stay for you. Spending too much money on hotels for just a night’s sleep is worthless. Why spend so much money on accommodation if you are going to spend the whole day out. If you want to spend your time indoors then, choose a comfortable hotel. Otherwise, try looking at options such as hostels or Air Bnb which can save you tons of money. Hostels are really money saving, the per night cost is really affordable.

Air Bnb’s or Home-stays let you have a beautiful house at considerably less cost that hotels. You can even cook your own food to save more money. Most of the utensils are availabe at home-stay options.

Beautiful Home stays.
Beautiful Home stays.


While traveling on a budget, the best way to save money is to use public transportation. Tourist cities and places are very well connected. They offer travelers multiple options, be it buses, trains or ferries. Check out the timings from the place you are staying and set on your journey. Spending too much money on personal cars is unnecessary and most of the time a waste. Live like the local while you are at a place, you will not only save money on travel but you will also get the real experience of the place.

Renting two wheeler vehicles can also save you a lot of money. All you need is your driving license to rent a vehicle. Google maps has made it easy to navigate unknown roads. So, self drive and enjoy. Try using local cab services, like Ola/ Uber which are cheaper than the tourist transportation options.

Use public transport to save money on travel.
City tram in Constantine – Algeria, North Africa

Plan a trip in big groups

If you are not a solo traveler, or a backpacker, you can plan your trip in groups. Big groups often have reduced prices as compared to the prices of a separate travel plan. If you do not have a group of your own you can look at options from SOTC, Veena World, and many other travel companies that offer great prices. Group trips can be fun too, you get to meet new people and connect with them. Big groups also offer you a lot of perks.

Plan trips with big groups to save money on travel.
Make plans in big groups to save money on travel.

Book Tickets as early as you can

Booking your travel tickets as early as possible can save you a lot of money. You can also be free of the hassle of availability. Booking your airline tickets at least two months prior can easily save your 2- 3k. Also, try booking directly from the airline website to avoid paying extra commission to applications that offer to book your tickets.

Talk to locals to save money on travel

Talking and connecting with locals can act as a big game-changer. People who stay at a place already know the hacks of that place. Talk with them and understand the nitty grittiness of the place. This can save money on travel, especially if you get hacks that google can not tell you. You might also find some great hidden places which you otherwise must have missed.

Talk with locals to know about he place and in turn save money on travel.
Connect with locals

Off Season travel

Off season travel is a great travel hack and can save money on travel. Off season traveling allows you to save money right from your tickets, stay and activities you would be doing. You also can avoid the major chunk of crowd at all the places you will be visiting. If you want a slash in your price, off season is the best time for you.

Traveling can be hard and planning it at a particular budget can become harder. But, do not let your dreams be squashed. There are a lot of things you can do to save money, so just enjoy your vacation.

Do let us know if these tips and hacks help you travel better. After this quarantine make sure you use these tips to plan a budget-friendly vacation.

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