How to utilize your college days in the best way

Every year students complete their school journey and enter into college. College is for having fun and making our lives a party. We should be doing all of that, along with having fun you must, make use of this time into creating a better career. 

Most of the time students, who have just gotten into college do not realize the importance of things. Only after a year has passed, they take action. The earlier you act, the more fruitful your actions become.

If you want to utilize your college life to the brim, keep reading.


The first and the most useful aspect of a college life is networking. You will be meeting new people, your batchmates, seniors and faculty. Create connections with them, become friends, ask for help, and start building your network. 

Networking in itself is very important. It creates an avenue for you to exchange ideas with your fellow batch mates. Sometimes you might even end up creating a business with that batch mate because you had similar thoughts! 

network your way to sail through college.

You get newer opportunities. Down the lane, these are the people who might help you secure a job. Or, you might help someone who required an opportunity.

So right from the start, interact with people. Talk to people, ask for help. Work in clubs and committees of the college. You will also get to meet amazing people. 


LinkedIn is the space to be today. You can get millions of opportunities. Building a LinkedIn profile takes time, but once you crack it, you can reach places. LinkedIn is the largest networking website. It has over 500 million members across different countries of the world. 

Build your linkedin early and make the most out of it.

Make your profile even before you join college and get active. You can add people you know, network with CEO’s and other people that might help you. You can gain a truckload of learnings just being in this space. You can showcase your work, thoughts, and opinions. You never know who might like your work. 

I learned about LinkedIn late, and I surely regret it. So take some advice and make the most out of it. 

We will have an article soon to let you know how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out! 


At the start, assignments might start to sound boring. But, these might turn out to be something you love doing. Assignments give you practical experience of what you are learning. You can end up figuring out what you love doing. For example, your course allows you to make films, make the most out of it. You might become the future director of a famous film! 

Assignments are the way to discover your way interests.

Assignments let you explore things and they can help you in the long run. 

They can get a bit monotonous but put your heart and soul into it. These assignments might open up a getaway of opportunities for you. 


Everyone knows how important internships are. Try to fit in as many internships as you can get. You will not only get exposure but will learn a lot. 

Internships can also help you figure out things you like. Internships provide you real-life experience and exposure. And, these opportunities will help you build your network too. 

Do not think about the payment at this point. Make use of the tiniest work you can get your hands on. Now, coming to how you can get internship opportunities are – LinkedIn, Internshala, and your very own faculty. Professors can also get you into internships and can even give you a letter of recommendation. 

Participate in competitions 

Taking part in competitions and events are important. You can showcase your talent and also win some certificates. Certificates help you build your profile in the long run. Extracurricular will take your mind of the rigorous life and also help you a lot. Academics are important but extracurriculars will help you sail through a lot of stuff.

Participate in events as much as you can.

Participating in events helps you connect with students of other colleges. You learn how to conduct and communicate with others. People also get to know what you do and are good at. 

Competitions and college events are super fun too. You get to bunk classes, and have some fun at the after-parties. 

Online courses 

When you are at college, you have a lot of time. Try squeezing in some online courses that might help you. It can be related to your course. For example, if you are a media student you can do courses on digital marketing or learn more about SEO. 

Since you have time, courses help you. They can also build your profile in a good way. 

Do online courses to upskill yourself.

These are some tips that can make your college life fruitful. Do these things to stand out from the crowd. You will make a better future for yourself. 

Let us know what worked for you, we would love to know. 

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