How to plan a weekend getaway after lockdown

Being in lockdown keeps us thinking about what we would do after it all ends, right? Maybe visit some amazing locations, see some new places in your city or just find a weekend getaway.

This blog is just about that. I am going to give you some tips for your weekend travel plan. It can be something as simple as a visit to the most common outskirts of your city. After being in quarantine for so long, all of us deserve a break from home. We need our time with our friends and family, in a place other than home. So, if you are planning for something like that, keep reading!

Find some places near you

Many of us have no idea about some great weekend getaways right at the outskirts of our own city. Put on your search goggles and google your way to find some amazing destinations. Near Mumbai, we have places like Igatpuri, Lonavala, Matheran, Panchgani and many more. Find out what your state offers to you, you might end up finding something amazing.

Weekend road trip for your week after lockdown.


Hotels can get expensive and let’s face it we do not want to spend too much. For a weekend plan many people would prefer having a place of their own to contain a bunch of people. In such a situation Air Bnb’s are the best. They are extremely affordable and can offer a bunch of facilities. If you are lucky you might end up finding a perfect villa with an infinity pool.

Air Bnb, make they stay just like your home on your weekend plan.

Decide on a budget

Sometimes when you are making a low key plan, you end up spending more than what you thought. To avoid that keep a fixed budget and plan your entire trip on that basis. If you are traveling with friends, make sure you guys split and decide on the specifics beforehand. You do not want to be fighting on a trip. Also, deciding on a budget will not burn your pockets when you are having fun.

Food and snacks

You might not find food as easily as you think you might. Especially when you are staying at an Air Bnb facility, you want to go prepared. Carry some ready to eat food, snacks, and few items you might want to munch on. It is better to be prepared than to starve.

Baked and crispy chips to keep you satisfied while munching away on your weekend getaway.

Decide on the vehicle

The place you have decided on might be a little away from where you stay. Having a comfortable vehicle will keep you calm and cool. You do not want to be irritated when you reach your stay. Look for options that fit your specifics. If you love driving and have a car then you can have a road trip along with a staying trip. But in case you are not up for driving, do not commit to it. Invest a bit more money to get a ride.

choose the correct vehicle for your weekend getaway.

Pack Light

All of us want to look super cool in our vacation pictures, but carrying too many clothes can become a problem. Pre deciding your outfits can help in such a case. Put together things you would want to show off. A big luggage can cause problems even while traveling. For a weekend trip a big bag is unnecessary too, so travel light.

Lastly, this is going to be over soon. This quarantine will come to an end. Just stay there and make plans to have something to look forward too. Follow the tips and make the most out of your weekend.

Let us know if you followed any of our tips, we would love to get to know about your plans!

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