How to grow on LinkedIn

LinkedIn started out as an employment-oriented online service back in 2003 but today, it stands as a corporate culture phenomenon that has revolutionized the social networking game.

This article is written out of pure experience as LinkedIn has had a major impact on my career. So read on for some tried and tested methods to go big on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

Before we learn how to make your profile stand out and grow on this brilliant platform, we need to understand why it is so essential. If you are aiming for a corporate career, there is no other job seeking or employment service available online that beats the standard of LinkedIn. Unlike other job search sites, LinkedIn uses a very unique system of making the employer and job seeker come face to face.

It all depends on the strength of your LinkedIn profile which can be considered as an advanced version of your CV. Websites like Indeed, Monsterjobs, and Naukri run on CV submission and geographical job availability. LinkedIn runs on employers getting profile recommendations as per their search criteria. This gives you the option of customizing your profile exactly as per your target company’s needs.

LinkedIn is much more than a job search portal. It runs on the concept of spaces and hashtags.

If you follow hashtags related to your specialty, for example, #contentmarketing, #esports, #businessdevelopment, you will be shown posts and content on your wall, related to these hashtags. This is great because you are only seeing what you are interested in, and are also getting introduced to other professionals from your line of interest.

examples of hashtags
examples of hashtags

Profile Building

Your LinkedIn profile is your main weapon. As soon as you create a new account, you will be guided well as to what exact elements are needed to make your profile stand out. LinkedIn gives you a star rating based on the completion of your profile step by step.

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The best thing is that LinkedIn gives you suggestions as to how to make your profile All-Star (the maximum level) so that you get more viewers and engagement. The following are a few details which you need to definitely have in your profile to make it highly impactful.

better profile = more content views
better profile = more content views
  • Title (your current work position or job-seeking parameters)
  • About (a brief introduction of your own self)
  • Experience (your complete history of work experience, can include internships as well as part-time jobs and contracts)
  • Education (mentioning your grades is not a compulsion, just the course and school/college name is enough)
  • Skills (highly important as you get job recommends based on your skills. add as many as you want but make sure they are legitimate)
  • Interests (organizations or topics you are interested in, you get content and post recommends based on your interests)

Some secondary profile details that you can add to get yourself an edge over the rest of your rivals are:

  • Licenses & Certificates (increases your credibility and knowledge ceiling)
  • Published works (any piece of written or visual content published under your name)
  • Honors & Awards (showoff your medals and academic, extracurricular certificates here)
  • Test scores (been a college/ school topper, show it here)
  • Languages (your kryptonite for getting overseas job opportunities)

Always add a profile picture of you in a corporate/work environment, this is LinkedIn and not Instagram. Refrain from putting selfies and group outing pictures as your display picture, it has an impact.

Network Building

hitting the 500+ connections mark should be your goal
hitting the 500+ connections mark should be your goal

Your network defines what sort of a professional you are seeking to become. Every CEO, Founder, Managing director, Executive, Associate, Manager as well as the Intern is there on LinkedIn. Your job is to connect with as many people as you can.

Click the “My Network” tab from your home page toolbar and you will get recommendations for connection with people from your own area of interest. If you follow activity and content and hashtags from the FMCG sector, you will be exposed to people profiles from that same sector. Networking on LinkedIn only depends on finding your niche and to keep spamming connection requests.

As soon as you cross 500+ connections, your profile becomes prestigious. People start to take notice of your work and better opportunities start flowing in. This does not mean you keep forming meaningless connections with random people. Never do that as it will steal the aspect of specialization from your profile.

The people who you connect with, take great interest in your profile and you never know when a better and bigger offer might fly into your message box.

The secret ingredient

engagement is key
engagement is key

LinkedIn runs on this unique user interface that the more you engage with other people’s content, the more you increase your own profile’s worth. It is quite simple. Whenever you see a valuable post or piece of content on your wall, make sure you hit the like button and leave a comment as well. How this helps is that, anyone who follows the same interests and tags as you, will be shown that same piece of content as you did, and will hence come across your name either in the comments or like counter, hence increasing views of your profile.

I personally used this method and saw a 400% increase in profile visits in a very short time span. This very aspect of engagement based growth distinguishes LinkedIn from other social networking sites. Trust me, it works.

This is enough information for you to start on. LinkedIn growth depends on a trial and error basis so go make an account, make mistakes, make friends but never stop. Be patient with this and you will definitely get your dream offer one day from this very platform. We will be back with a part 2 to tell you more about advanced LinkedIn strategies.

some words of wisdom from LinkedIn
some words of wisdom from LinkedIn

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