How to get fit at home from today

With the pandemic scare at every nook and corner of the country, having a higher immunity can help you from potentially recovering faster. To get fit, all that is needed is the right motivation. And, a few tips to get you started. 

All that is needed to get started is time and some space in your house. And, if you are ready to get few props then that too. Other than that there are a ton of things that you can do at the comfort of your house. 

So, Let’s get started. 

Identifying the type of workout 

There are so many types of workouts to get fit. Figuring out, what works for you the best will keep you motivated throughout the lockdown and, even after. 

You can start with some regular cardio exercises, Bodyweight exercises, Yoga, Walking, Strength training or maybe some fun Zumba. 

There are so many things that you can do. You can even mix all the workouts and divide them for different days. You can do whatever you want, just following the correct way of doing an exercise is important. 

Planning a routine 

Every person has a different schedule. Some people might enjoy waking up early and, going for a run. But, some people might like sweating out in the evening. 

Plan your workout routine to get fit.

The first thing to do to get fit is to set a routine and, figuring out the time that best works for you. 

Creating a routine will keep you consistent and, will be the reason for your fitter self. Consistency is the key to get fit

Rotating your workout schedules can also be a great factor to keep you motivated. Make a schedule of different workouts on the day you want to do them and, follow it. For example, On a Monday, you can do a cardio session, followed by, yoga the next day and, so on.

You can even revamp your workout schedule every week to keep it all the more interesting.

Diet – key aspect to get fit

The most important thing that is going to help you get fit along with your workouts is a diet. And, by diet, I do not mean starving or not eating anything. A balanced home-cooked meal is going to do wonders. 

follow a balanced diet to reach your fitness goals.

Previously I have spoken about how diet helps you lose weight and the things you can do to gain the perfect body. 

But, to get started on being fit, having a properly balanced meal is very crucial. Your plate needs to have carbs, proteins, fats, and fiber. Having a balanced meal will keep you active all day. You will also realize that you can work out better. 

Getting ready 

Gearing up with the right type of clothes and equipment is also needed. 

  • Clothes

Look into your closet for the right set of clothes you can sweat in and, can comfortably workout. Some of the women out there might not have a sports bra, invest in one and, get it before you start some heavy workouts. 

At, HRX, Decathalon and Kappa, you can find yourself some affordable athleisure that is enough to get you started. 

Invest in basic workout equipment to get fit at home.
  • Equipment

Some of the types of the necessary equipment are:

  1. Yoga mat 
  2. Weights ( can include dumbells-heavy or light, Kettlebell, Ankle-weights, disks) 
  3. Resistance bands ( big and small) 
  4. Yoga Blocks ( If your body is stiff, these blocks will become your rock) 

These four types of equipment are enough to sail you through your home fitness. 

Design of the workout 

Following a proper design or a structure while working out is paramount. 

  • Mobility 

Start by first inducing mobility, by the movement of your hands and legs. Doing some basic stretches at the beginning is the key to have a perfect workout. 

You can start by touching your toes, moving your hands and legs in a circular motion or doing some windmills. 

This will prepare your body for the next section of warming up. 

  • Warm-Ups 

Warming the body is another aspect which you should not skip. Warming up your body increases the blood flow and, the body gets ready, for some exercises. 

Warming up the body reduces the risk of injuries and, keeps the body energized to kick start the workout. 

women lifting weights.
  • The workout 

This the section where you do the exercises that you picked for the day. It can be some high-intensity cardio or some yoga. 

There are many ways you can start as a beginner. Today, there are so many videos and guides available on the internet that take you from an amateur to a professional. 

Workouts that I recommend are – Chloe Ting ( She has amazing short workout videos available for free on youtube), How to practice yoga ( Find yoga videos that are stunning on this Instagram page). 

You can also enrol for online workout programmes that are doing the rounds these days. is one such platform where you can avail online workout plans. 

  • Stretching 

Last but surely not the least. A proper stretch after your workout is extremely needed. 

If you skip the stretching, your muscles become weak in the long term. 

Stretch to cool down.

Always stretch your body well after a workout session. Even if you just danced, stretch your legs. Do some basic postures to relax your body. 

After some postures, you can even lie down in the savasana for a while. Stretching will make you feel relaxed and, will make your workout complete. 

Setting a goal 

Lastly, set some goals to get fit. 

You can follow a 30-day challenge or can mark a date you want to lose weight by

Fitness is a journey and not a destination. The process is gradual, so set realistic goals. 

It can be as simple as losing one kilogram in two weeks. It can be anything you want it to be. 

So, these are some things that can help you get fit at home. Trust the process, follow it, with consistency and, you will surely see the results.

Let us know if these tips helped you get fit at home. We would love to know. 

Start now!