How TikTok’s rating fell from 4.7 to 2 stars

TikTok, the world’s biggest video sharing cum social networking app is sailing through rough waters. TikTok can be considered to be the most controversial and disjointing application to ever hit the Indian subcontinent. Tiktok has caused a massive rift not only between the common masses but also between the communities of Youtube and their own selves.

There are two types of people, ones who make TikToks, and the others who hate the ones who make TikToks. Although this platform is a means of self-expression, it quickly caught fire for cringy and low-quality content embraced by the youth. This surely is just the perception of the other half of the community. No one can universally prove that the majority of content on Tiktok is cringy and vague, it is all a matter of personal judgment and perceptions. Or can someone actually prove it?

screengrab via Twitter
screengrab via Twitter

Last week, a massive internet war broke out. If you have opened Instagram or Youtube in the past week, you are definitely aware of it. Skipping to the main point, an Indian comic roast Youtuber named Carryminati stepped in and addressed the issue head-on. He released a roast video titled TikTok vs YouTube-The End Game on Youtube and what happened next was bizarre. The video escalated so quickly that it amassed 78 million views before finally being taken down in the name of bullying and harassment.

What followed was a frenzy of crazy kids on social media platforms crying out calls for justice. As if a great misfortune had come upon Mr. Ajey Nagar. Hashtags like #justiceforcarry and #carryminati were trending on twitter for 2 entire days. Amidst an international battle against Coronavirus and the daily sufferings of migrant workers, this is what was trending. As a defense mechanism, Indian fans of the roast YouTuber, as well as TikTok haters, started a mass movement of downrating the app on Google’s Playstore.

within 2 days, TikTok which sat comfortably on a 4.7 rating, plummeted down to a rating of 2/5. Some say that it is not over yet and we can expect even more to come as the 1-star reviews keep coming in. This move probably costs TikTok millions of probable customers as the first thing you look at before downloading an application, is its rating.

image via medium
image via medium

It is no longer a question of outperforming each other talentwise. This battle has now come down to making the other party go straight out of business itself. We do not wish to take names of TikTok creators involved in this controversy as we do not believe that either of the sides is right. Youtubers thriving on bullying and harassment and the other thriving on childish and cringy content. No one seems like a winner here. The formation of popular opinion against TikTok also seems unfair. With the support of countless Instagram meme pages and an arsenal of hit Youtubers, the latter seems to be clearly winning this battle.

Our entire take on this situation is quite simple and relatable with religion itself. As quoted by Ricky Gervais

It is not about the credibility of the truth, it is about the popularity of the idea

Hence based on popularity, Youtube won and TikTok suffered heavily. 25 million reviews and a 2-star rating later, It will be interesting to see how the former plans to build its reputation back.

We urge our readers to not go out of their way and spread hatred amongst the online community. And finally, it is just Instagram and not a courtroom. (A sign for the smart ones)


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