How PUBG Mobile took over India

PUBG Mobile (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is a Battle Royale mobile title which has taken over India completely. PUBG Mobile now boasts the throne of the most played mobile game in India with over 55 million downloads and 33 million active users.

This masterpiece thought of by Brendan Greene (Player Unknown) has hordes of reasons to acclaim its success. Here are a few of them:

Addictive Concept

One of the most addictive game is PUBG Mobile.
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PUBG Mobile dominates the genre of Battle Royale Games, but what exactly is battle Royale?

Spoiler alert for anyone who has not seen The Hunger Games. Battle Royale games revolve around the concept of survival but in the most unique way. A group of approx 100 real-time players is dropped onto an island where they have to scavenge weapons and armor to survive and take out their enemies.

The last man standing claims victory and can boast that he is a better player than the rest of the 99 try hards. Vehicles, buildings, supply drops, a continuously changing safe zone which inflicts damage onto you are a few elements that make such games interesting.

This concept is highly addictive because gamers thrive on their competitive spirit. The whole point of gaming and esports is to prove that you are better than the other person and this game lets you prove that you are better than 99 others. An element of violence combined with self-survival makes this game highly addictive.

League System

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is known to have one of the most sophisticated League Progression System. As you play the game, your skills become better, hence you can be matched against better players.

You start in the most basic league (bronze) and can then with your dominating performances can move through the ranks.

Bronze I II III IV V -->
Gold I II III IV V -->
Diamond I II III IV V -->
Ace -->
Silver I II III IV V -->
Platinum I II III IV V -->
Crown I II III IV V -->

This already addictive title gives the players a massive incentive to keep pushing through the ranks by playing the game more and more. Your lust to prove yourself better than your friends or even random players remains unsatisfied till you at least hit the Ace or Conqueror League.

Thriving esports

The esports scene around PUBG Mobile is literally thriving. With all-year-round events, casual players are always engrossed with pro-level tournaments and get countless chances to watch their favorite pro players compete.

Tencent itself organizes a year-round ecosystem comprising of 2 seasons, The Spring and Fall split. It is a 6 stage event where teams can play in the open qualifiers –> Group stage –> Club Open –> Regional Finals –> Pro League –> World League. This event features a $2.5 Million prize pool.

image via esportsfast
image via esportsfast

Other than Tencent sponsored pro events, minor tournaments are hosted on a monthly basis. League operations firms like Villager Esports, War Mania, Higin Esports, Gaming Monk, and Sky Esports organize and stream regular tournaments to contribute to the game’s esports ecosystem.

Celebrity Players

PUBG Mobile has given the opportunity to countless people to go from no one to someone. Students and casual gamers who put their heart and soul into this game are now globally renowned “celebrity gamers and creators”.

Names like Naman ‘Mortal” Mathur and Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh must be heard of by even non-PUBG Mobile players. Content creators, streamers, and professional players have united the community something to play for, a reason to keep pushing and to try and reach the same level as these Gods of the game.

a still from Tencent made documentary- Be The One
a still from Tencent made documentary- Be The One

PUBG Mobile has always been in the news, sometimes for bad reasons as well. More than any other aspect, it has boosted the mobile gaming scenario in such a way that its contribution will be unmatched for at least a decade. This game has given to the people, a reason to be happy, a reason to keep improving themselves and a reason to never stop playing.

“If you’re dying to the Red Zone, you’re not a very good player”

Brendan Greene (Player Unknown)

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