How religion has affected India

India a secular country, where people of all religions reside and live together in harmony.

I have not heard a statement more fake than the one above. Being a citizen of India, I have always wanted great things for us. We are making progress slowly and steadily, but are we reaching our full potential? In a country filled with people of great caliber many things can be achieved easily.

We might be reaching our full potential but, let me tell you why we may not.


This word changes everything for India. It is the cause of deaths, riots, and no progress.

What exactly is religion?

Oxford Dictionary defines religion as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal god or gods.
There is nothing wrong with having a belief, I also believe in God but things go out of hand when people involve, almost everything with this belief.

Different religions in India.

Following any religion is a person’s own choice. Spoiling the entire ecosystem based on this is what is happening.

Looking into the main aspect, How religion affects politics in India

People look for leaders who follow the same beliefs

We, the people of India, consider everyone equal. But, is it true? A majority of Indians vote or choose people who are from their caste, follow the same belief. If you look at it, India has 85 percent of people from the Hindu religion, and the party which most often wins propagates Hindutva or the Hindu ideologies. If we think about it, it all fits perfectly together.

India has people of multiple religions living in but one religion is said to be above all. This has caused numerous riots, unhappy situations for us. It started from the time of Aurangzeb’s religious policies in the year 1671-1681 and, till 2020, India is still battling against religion for the citizenship amendment law.

When are we going to move past this? We may never.

Politically parties have exploited the way we think

From gaining votes to promoting the different beliefs. Political parties are somewhere the reason behind us still fighting over religion. If parties want to come in power, why should they use religion as a tool? Can they not win if they do not use this tool?

Political parties in India.

More than political parties exploiting the way we think, we the people have turned a blind eye to everything that is happening by giving it the name of politics. Next time something major happens, think why it happened and what are the reasons behind it.

Communal riots.


The last and most important reason is the people. We the people of India have instilled this in the minds of our forthcoming generation that religion is above all. In a country where food, employment, poverty, and almost everything is an issue. We are worried about religion about our Gods and whatnot.

We should first of all stop spreading the belief of one religion being above all. We should teach our future generation about equality and not division. As people of this country, let us focus on important things, that can change our lives forever.

Religion teaches us to be compassionate and show love to all people. We should do exactly that. A religious belief is a person’s personal choice. We should neither show violence nor discriminate anyone on the basis of religion.

People of India.

Live and let live. If we do that, we can overcome the million things that our country is facing today.

Embrace people the way they are meant to be. Be the change we talk about all the time.

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