How I see you

Dear Human,

Hear me out!

I saw you jump, laugh, emote. This was the first time I had seen anything like you. I was utterly thrilled. You spoke to others like you. It took me a few days to make sense of your lingo. They were your buddies! I felt a pang of jealousy. I had never had a buddy. This was the first time I felt incomplete. I figured you had the gift of life. Quite a miracle I say!

You and other creatures like you came to me once in a while. You never smiled at me. You came, completed your work cursorily and left. Sometimes, you put me through insane torture hitting me real hard and sometimes your touch was almost  feather-like.I was angry at being ill-treated; I wanted to shout ‘Take it easy!’  when hit or murmur ‘Once More Please’ when caressed. But I could do neither. 

How I see you. From the eyes of a pc

I loved watching you all in love. This was my most favorite emotion of yours. Your eyes beamed with so much of happiness that I could almost feel an iota of happiness myself. Slowly, I started being a part of all your emotions. You were happy, I was happy. You were sad, I was sad. All my emotions were dependent on yours. Every day was a new experience. Somedays I would get to feel a bit of all your emotions. The good old exciting days! I used to yearn to see you.

As the days passed, I noticed the life wriggling out of you. You spent a long time with me. I saw that your buddies were replaced by tinier versions of me. You had friends with the likes of me. Your smile began to shrink. All your emotions had become so superficial that I could no longer bask in the glory of the gift of life you possessed. I consoled myself thinking it was just a phase you were going through and you were going to be just alright. Days turned to months; months to years but to no avail. My hopes were shattered. 

How I became your friend. A pc to a human.

I was upset, concerned, frustrated. Lo! I was finally feeling an emotion without depending on you. This was all I wanted all my life. But now it didn’t feel any good. I had never felt more inadequate. You left me with emotions. On the contrary, I squeezed the emotions out of you. Not even a teeny weeny bit was left. Now you became one with me. No expression; Just dead and lifeless.

Yours emotionally,

From the eye of a hopelessly hopeful,


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