How gaming improves your concentration

For decades, video games have been in the bad books of every parent and teacher. Gaming was previously regarded as a waste of time and an exhausting activity which makes your eyes weak and mind dull. Over the years, this very perception has evolved and in current times, gaming is being called as the best pass time activity which you should definitely engage in.

Anything done recklessly can be harmful for health. Hence before we tell you more about this art, you should remember that even video games can be played in a disciplined and controlled manner. So lets get down to how gaming improves your concentration.

First Person Shooter Games (fps)

image via gamespot
image via gamespot

Now games that come under this genre revolve around a single rationale. You will be in control of a character who is running around with a gun killing people here and there. Sound simple right? But it is definitely not. In FPS games, you play in a team of 4-5 members against another team. In order to bag victory by accomplishing the objective, you need to have a certain skillset to get an edge over the enemy. Some examples of such games are Call of Duty, CS: GO, Battlefield and Doom.


having an eagle eye while playing such games is key. You need to master your sense of cursor displacement and have crystal sh arp aiming skills to hit your targets. Controlling a mouse of a joystick in order to manipulate the aiming reticle is a very difficult task. Playing and practicing these types of games improves your sense of aiming, eye-hand coordination as well as improves your reaction times making you more focused.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

image via androidauthority
image via androidauthority

Games that come under this genre are often regarded as the most complex games out of all. You play in a team of 5 players where each player controls a hero, who has multiple abilities, which they use to fight against the enemy team. The objective is often to penetrate the enemy’s base and destroy their vanguard resulting in victory. While playing these games, an uncountable number of events will be taking place in front of your screen. Teamfights, ganks, farming patterns, hero rotations, objective capturing, and whatnot. These games boost your focus vastly owing to the fact that you are doing so many things at the same time. Keeping your eyes glued to that one character you control and repeating the process in every new game makes your mind sharp as a knife. A few examples of MOBA’s are DOTA 2 and League of Legends.


image via techradar
image via techradar

Mobile gaming is being regarded as the next big thing owing to flexible internet access and cheaper device prices. Games that are usually available on your phone are considered simplistic and minimal but are really not. For example, a game as simple as Temple Run can help boost your focus. At the start, it becomes quite easy to predict what obstacle will come next and how to dodge it, but as time passes, the pace elevates. After a point of time, you need the utmost focus and hand-eye coordination to guide your runner to avoid all the obstacles and not fall to your death. Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, Subway Surfers are all examples of such arcade games which look simple but elevate your focus in unnoticed ways.


This category is directly proportional to the functionality of your brain. The faster you think, react, and calculate, the better you will be at playing puzzle games. Although, concentration is also a very underrated aspect here. For example, while playing a game like Tetris, the sheer alignment of boxes as per their shapes is not important. But focus enough to find the perfect area for a box to drop down at is key. If you misjudge even a single drop, it could set off a chain reaction causing panic, and eventually loss. Room escape games require a focus on a whole other level. You need to scout minimal details, search for clues, apply logic, and losing concentration for even a second can prove costly. Games like Portal, 1024, The Room, Limbo are perfect focus boosters for all casual players out there.

Video games definitely have other countless benefits and stay tuned to know more about them all. So start playing right away, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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