How effective is Meme Marketing

We are in a century where trends change every year, sometimes even in weeks. One such viral trend is the meme marketing. So, let us start with what exactly a meme is.


Meme is a graphic that often includes text relating to a popular culture, an image, or a video. These graphics are humorous and can crack anyone up. Creating a meme is also an art in today’s time. A person who can successfully make others laugh by keeping the integrity of a popular culture is a talent.

The famous pallbearers part of the meme marketing trend.
The viral coffin dancers.

Meme marketing is creating a need in the minds of consumers through the medium of memes. Meme marketing is a small part of the viral marketing.

Now, let us look at this whole trend even more closely. Why are memes viral?

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Memes are viral because of their high recall value. Since the memes are made based on a popular culture theme, people relate to them. Humor is often one of the most sought after emotions and when you get the much-needed humor from a meme it relieves you of stress.

Over-Night Success

Meme marketing can bring you to an over-night success. Despite the low engagement brands get on social media through memes. The results can be tremendous. Brands like Netflix have a separate social media page just for meme marketing. Another perfect example is the company barkbox’s social media meme campaign. Take a look at their memes.


Memes being relatable to people grabs the attention. The more relatable, the better it sticks. This not only gathers a ton of loyal customers but increases the number of times the meme is shared.
Some brands have created relatable memes that have had the audience cracking up.

Works in this millennial world

The youth spend approximately 2 hours online. This the time marketers want to grab. And, the best way to do that is to grab their attention span with the help of meme marketing. Why leave out a golden chance which can change the way your consumers perceive you.


Let us face it, sometimes marketing can get boring. People get tired of seeing the same old advertisements. If adopting a viral trend like meme marketing can get you the much-needed attention, be it. Keeping up with the trend is very important in today’s time. Creating memes focussing on your brand can bring the fun aspect. Not only will the consumer enjoy sharing it but will remember you every time they buy your product.

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Life span

The life span of memes is huge. It has a long life and stays with people. The youth are obessed with memes and it is here to stay. The more obessed people are with memes the better it can work. The minute they see a meme it gets registered with them. The more funnier the memes, the better it is.

More brands are getting into meme marketing

More and more brands are getting into meme marketing. The future of social media is meme marketing. Brands are killing it with their memes. These are also running around like wild-fire. If more and more companies get into this kind of marketing, the traditional means of attracting a consumer can change and probably will change. In India comapanies like Zomato, Swiggy, Netflix, Comedy central, Alt Balaji, Amazon Prime, Durex and many more have made the shift.

It need not affect any other marketing channel

Meme marketing need not effect any other marketing channel the brand is following. This viral trend can be a part of the regular marketing campaign that includes the use of television advertisements, email marketing, print media and etc. The meme marketing channel is also cost effective as compared to the other mediums.

Get in with the trend and make a shift today.

Let us know what you think of meme marketing and send us all those meme which cracked you up!

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