How coronavirus can help you quit smoking

This deadly pandemic called Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. Countries have fallen to their feet and it looks like for the first time in history, the entire world stands in unity in this battle against Coronavirus. While the negative effects exceed the positive ones, we can still learn and alter our lifestyle and change some things for good.

The Coronavirus lockdown comes out as the perfect time to get rid of all our bad habits. Smoking and drinking are the two biggest indiscretions disturbing the world. Your time in solitude might prove to be your best excuse to rid your life from these habits. Here are the reasons why:

Increase in cost

In India, the cost of a full-size cigarette ranges between Rs 15-17(as per government set standards). A box costs around Rs 300 for a pack of 20. On an average day itself, a chain smoker might end up spending north of Rs 1000 every two weeks ( depending upon his consumption).

During the lockdown, the prices of cigarettes have soared higher than imaginable. Since all transactions are being done in black against a government order banning the sale of tobacco, vendors and sellers reserve the right to set the price as per their convenience. So now, a pack of 20 cigarettes costs an average of Rs 600 (varies with every locality). This means that each piece is now costing you Rs 30 which is an increase of 100% compared to the prices before.

While this might not be the case in every city or state, it is applicable to the majority of the areas impacted heavily by the virus. The question you should ask yourself is that with a disturbed and uncertain source of income post the virus, should you be willing to spend such heavy amounts on something that is causing you harm? You are already investing more of your savings for buying groceries and essential household items because you are spending more time at home than usual. Is the expense of smoking actually worth adding to your expenses?

Reject cigarette offer. Anti tobacco concept
Reject cigarette offer. Anti tobacco concept

Added risk

Coronavirus first of all, is a respiratory disease. Its symptoms such as difficulty in breathing and a bad throat clearly state so. Any and every smoker is cognizant to the fact that smoking is bad for the lungs which is in direct relation to the virus. Many studies have been carried out to find out the relation between smoking and coronavirus. According to an article posted by the Indianexpress, this is what they found out:

The newest paper, published in PLOS ONE on Monday, reviewed databases to look at the prevalence of smoking — as well as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in Covid-19 patients. It found current smokers were 1.45 times more likely to have severe complications compared to former and never smokers. Also, critically ill Covid-19 patients with COPD had a 63% risk of severe disease and a 60% risk of mortality, while critically ill patients without COPD had only a 33.4% risk of severe disease and 55% risk of mortality.

It clearly states that if you were exposed to the virus, you would comparatively have more complications than a non smoker. This god forsaken virus has already infected over 4.35 Million people and killed 2,97,000 souls worldwide. Ask yourself, is it worth adding to the risk by breathing out tobacco smoke from your lungs?

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After talking to a few of my friends and applying some basic observational skills, I noticed people are more susceptible to smoke in a gathering or a celebration. You yourself might be keener to light a cigarette around other friends of yours who smoke. Well, guess what, you are not going to meet your friends anytime soon, and you have already been away from them for long. You will not be going out for a party anytime soon, nor go to your favourite pub to have a drink with the boys, so why not consider quitting right now?

While it all sounds very simple, it is not. People have some made up rule about how many days it takes to build up a habit and how many to quit one. All these fundamentals fail when it comes to this highly addictive habit. A chain smoker would have quit for even 5 years and it would take one life incident for him to pick the habit again. So what is the ultimate solution? Will power, your persuasion skills acting upon your own mind is the only true way to finally kick that last cigarette bud.

All over the internet, you can find tonnes of reasons and excuses you need to quit, but none will be enough. While this lockdown caused by coronavirus seems like a mere setting which can boost your motivation to quit, not taking advantage of it is lunacy.

Use the various factors created by this virus to get over your lust for smoking. Indulge yourself in better home activities like working out, learning an instrument, cooking, reading, binge-watching shows on Netflix also. Ask yourself, is pointlessly smoking going to help you in anyway to get past this pandemic, or will it just make you dull and weak with every passing day.

All the best to each and every one of you who plan to try quitting. Stay strong

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